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Bail Bond Services offered by Singhs Bail Bonds

For over a decade Singhs has always been a 24 hour bail bond company. We are bail bond agency ready to post bail any time of the day or night anywhere is California. Singhs makes bail bond services available to those incarcerated and to their family members any hour of the day.

It’s difficult to know which bail company to call, but even more difficult to know what to expect when you finally get connected. When calling Singhs Bail you will get the benefit of an experienced bail bond company, and a licensed bail agent who will immediately know how to handle your particular bail charges, and get your bond posted without a lot of unnecessary approvals taking up your valuable time.

Singhs Bail Bond Bail Agents Will Always Do the Best to Help You Post Bail

Our bail bondsmen work under various conditions, handle late-night bail bond postings, interview many incarcerated individuals, meet with their family members and inform them about the entire bail process. Many variables arise during the bail process, such as new charges when the jailer runs a background check on the new arrestee. Singhs will immediately notify you if any additional charges occur that may alter the bail bond process, increase the bail bond or slow down the release of an individual.

Our bail agents are in constant contact with you, as well as our team members making sure we help you maintain an affordable bond. Surprises are never welcome, and we keep our customers informed.

Singhs Bail Bonds Will Always Consider Bail for all Charges

We’re ready to bail out all felony cases, spousal charges, and those charged with possession of illegal drugs. White collar crimes, such as real estate and insurance fraud that carry a high bailbond amounts are our specialty: large bonds. Singhs has also bailed out murder cases during our 30-year plus history in the bail industry. Singhs Bail Bonds has many years of experience bailing out high-profile, high-bail cases working directly with the defendant’s attorneys. This cooperative alliance is beneficial to both attorneys and their clients.

Singhs Bail Bonds Will Always Help You Finance a Bail Bond

Low on funds? Need bail money? Our bail bond company knows it’s difficult to raise money, especially during the night when you are least expecting an arrest. Leave it to Singhs to solve your financial bail needs. If you have a job, or have lived in the immediate community with family ties, we can help. Bad credit is not a problem. We will work each bail bond on the merits of the case.

Why Bail is Crucial:

“Defendants who are not released on bail have a greater difficulty preparing their defense. They are also, in effect, punished with imprisonment for the duration that they are forced to remain in prison. For this reason, decisions regarding bail should not be made lightly. Bail is extremely high, and sometimes denied, if the client is being charged with an extremely serious offense and poses a flight risk and/or great potential danger to the community, but in the majority of criminal trials bail should be available and affordable.”

The Eighth Amendment states:

“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”